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On offer today we have one of the most impressive British transistor radios of all time, a Hacker Super Sovereign RP25A.  Considered by many to be an improvement on the preceeding RP18 upon introduction to market in 1969, due to an improved VHF stage boasting a higher silicon transistor count which gave a sensitive impressive performance pulling in many transmissions.  Allay this to styling changes such as the substitution of the gaudy multicoloured dial with  an elegant monochrome version which suits the charcoal grey rexine with chrome trim perfectly then you begin to appreciate why this model was a winner for Hacker.  This model remained in production until 1973.   Hackers were a luxury product praised for their build quality and superb sound - every radio collector should have at least one.

This example is in very good cosmetic condition with a charcoal grey case showing all knobs and trims present and in good condition and no rips to the rexine covering or wrinkles due to underlying  scrim foam degradation and would look even better after a buff and spruce session!  The only slight detractor is that the original handle trim shows a smallbreak at the far RHS as pictured.  

The radio works perfectly for both FM and AM rewarding a listener with a rich mellifluous sound.     

The radio has the following vital statistics:-

Frequency Coverage  LW/ MW/VHF FM
Antenna - Internal ferrite rod  / telescopic with sockets
Batteries  -  2 of PP9  9V 
Dimensions 12" wide, 9" high, 5" deep

We notice similar examples of this iconic radio being sold by other vendors for a price in excess of £120, however, we have decided to price this beauty at a fair price point.

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